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Uncovering Bank Errors with CashMate: A Tale of Saved Money with Kate's Skating Rinks

Imagine starting your morning with a call from the bank claiming your deposit was significantly short. Imagine having the most accurate money counter and paper trail that gives you the confidence to walk into the bank and tell them they’re wrong. Imagine ending that day with profuse apologizes from the bank because they found the error was on the their end, not yours.


Sounds like a dream, right?


It was reality for CashMate customer Katie’s Skating Rinks, all thanks to a receipt printed by our CashMate Printer.


“I had counted a deposit at one of my locations late at night. It was a large deposit and after finishing it up I took it to the bank night drop,” says Katie’s Skating Rink Owner Billy Thompson.


“The next morning I received a phone call from the Bank stating that the deposit was short a certain amount,” says Thompson.


A customer of CashMate’s since 2020, Billy Thompson has meticulously kept copies of our printed receipts for his records. We encourage our customers to maintain a paper trail for scenarios like these.


“Since I had my printout from the final total from the number of bills that I had,” he says, “I was able to go up to the bank with it and show exactly how many bills were in my deposit.”


They uncovered that the bank teller made a mistake inputting the denominations.


“We were able to correct the teller’s error she had made inputting the denominations,” explains Thompson. 


“If I wouldn't have had that accurate printout, I would have been out that cash.”


At Trade Shows we sometimes get asked by frugal buyers if they really NEED a CashMate printer when purchasing a money counter. Our answer is “it depends”. We never want to sell you a product you don’t need, but we always like to share this story of Billy Thompson from Katie’s Skating Rinks to show the power of a paper trail.


Having a CashMate Printer as an accessory to your CashMate Money Counter is a profit-loss tool. Not only does it mitigate employee theft, but it can also give you confidence with your deposits to the bank.


We would like to say a special thank you to our customer and now friend Billy Thompson from Katie’s Skating Rinks for allowing us to share his story. Billy told our owner John this story in the elevator at the Las Vegas Roller Skating Trade Show. We loved hearing it, and had to share it on our website! Billy bought his first CashMate Money Counting Machine in 2020. He loved it so much he purchased two more the following year. 


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