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Simple and Time-Saving

The countdown of cash at the end of each business day or shift change is imperative to your business, however it’s very time-consuming and prone to errors. A daily task that is critical to you and your business must be performed in an extremely detailed manner, and always takes more time than you would like. After a long day’s work, the last thing you want to do is put on your “accountant hat” and proceed with a long, arduous task. The actual counting of all coins and bills, in addition to being the most important part of this routine, is also the most vulnerable to error and can be the most frustrating part of the process.

Every day more retailers are reducing time and effort while eliminating the frustration associated with this daily task through the use of cash counting machines. Cash counting machines are accurate, efficient, and reliable. A leader in this field is Ca$hMate® Money Counter. This machine has a wealth of features that accommodates all aspects of cash counting and handling.


The the money counter is electronic with no moving parts for silent operation and a smaller footprint. You can use the Ca$hMate® Money Counter to count bank deposits, audies, spot checks and register balances. It’s accuracy is unparalleled, counting both coins (loose and rolled) and bills (loose, banded, paper-clipped, or rubber banded) with ease, printing a running total of all by denomination. It’s simple to use, set a supplied till coin tray full of pennies on the Ca$hMate® Money Counter and it counts the coins, printing a total on the supplied printer; advance to nickels, dimes, etc., until all coins are counted and than go through the same process for all bills.

It’s that simple!

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to see how a Ca$hMate® Money Counter can benefit your business!

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