Ca$hMate Money Counter Scale – MC-OL1750


Our top-of-the-line cash counter, the MC-OL1750 counts both coins and bills on one machine with 100% accuracy, including coin cups! In addition, it creates an Over&Under (Z) report, and can even handle your starting float/bank amounts! Recommended for 4+ cash registers

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Our top-of-the-line cash counter. Just like all of our Ca$hMate money counters, the MC-OL1750 counts both coins and bills on one machine with 100% accuracy!

Unique Features:
  • Can count up to 2000 bills at once
  • Over&Under (Z) Report
  • Ability to set starting drawer float/bank
  • Dual tare: Coin cup, plastic bag, or large scoop
  • Grand totals multiple drawers with line-by-line detail
Plus all these features from the MC-OL400!
  • Counts all denominations (coins and bills)
  • Can count up to 1000 bills at once
  • Can count strapped or rubber banded bills
  • Built in keypad for entering checks, credit cards, and other non-cash tender
  • Keeps a per-drawer subtotal and total, as well as a running grand total
  • Details employee and cash drawer ID numbers
  • Prints per employee/drawer cashcount reports, with optional printer (with reprint)
  • Can count clipped bills (20 at once)
  • Can count multiple coin rolls at once
  • Automatically switches to next denomination after counting
  • Portable, with optional battery
  • Data port for Point-of-Sale connectivity

Recommended for 4+ Cash Registers

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Weight 16 oz